Skin conditions & skin tumours

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Undesirable skin conditions and even malignant skin tumours can be caused by years of exposure to the sun. The development of skin cancer depends on your skin type and family history.

Moles (nevi) can occur all over your body and can be distressing and embarrassing. The removal of moles from exposed parts of the skin requires careful surgical techniques, often using magnification with surgical magnifying glasses.

Malignant skin tumours are the most common form of cancer and affect all age groups. They can derive from all skin structures and skin adnexa. In principle, we differentiate between basal cell carcinomas (basiolomas or white skin cancer), squamous cell carcinomas (spinaliomas) and malignant melanomas (black skin cancer) derived from pigment cells in the skin. There are numerous other forms of skin conditions.

We can remove all skin lesions from your face, trunk and extremities according to aesthetic principles and in compliance with exacting medical standards. In addition, we strictly follow international surgical guidelines for the management of malignant tumours.

All tissue samples are sent to a pathology laboratory for histopathological examination. Following the diagnosis we will develop a treatment plan for ongoing treatment.

  • Dysplastic nevi (moles)
  • Hairy nevi (giant nevi)
  • Basal cell carcinomas
  • Melanomas
  • Squamous cell carcinomas