Fat transfer treatment (lipofilling)

Non-desirable deposits of fat which have accumulated over the years (through dietary habits or other circumstances) may prove difficult to eliminate with diet and exercise alone. Thanks to special techniques and modern procedures, stubborn areas of fat can be removed (liposuction) from various areas of the body and, after cleansing, are reinjected into the targeted sites. This procedure can be used for scar revision and for facial and breast treatments.

Lipofilling can be used in conjunction with various other treatments and operations (breast, tummy, face and hands, etc.). One example in this context is a breast lift combined with liposuction of the abdomen or the inner/outer thighs and breast enlargement by fat transfer (lipofilling).

Treatment areas:
  • Periorbital lipofilling (eye area)
  • Full face lipofilling (entire face)
  • Breast enlargement by fat transfer (lipo-augmentation)
  • Lipofilling to revitalise hands (anti-aging procedure)
  • Scar revision and correction of contractures by fat transfer